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Paths to ouerskap

Help om jou reis na ouerskap te navigeer met vrugbaarheidsbehandeling


Learn more about IVF (in vitro fertilization) as a possible route to parenthood


Wat is vrugbaarheidsbewaring? Kom meer te wete oor eier-, sperm- en embriovries


Vind meer uit oor eier-, sperm- en embrioskenking as 'n roete na ouerskap


Find out more ICSI and why it can be beneficial to use this method of IVF


Learn about surrogacy and how it could help you on your journey to parenthood

Enkellopend en TTC

Vind roetes na ouerskap vir enkellopende mans en vroue


Find out more about IUI and how it works


Kom meer te wete oor paaie na ouerskap vir die LGBTQ+-gemeenskap

Vrugbaarheid en 40+

Ontdek paaie na ouerskap vir vroue ouer as 40 jaar

Gratis konsultasie

If you are struggling to conceive and unsure of next steps, why not speak to one of our fertility experts 

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IVF the science

IVF is an incredible science that allows people to preserve their future fertility through egg, embryo or sperm freezing.  It also gives others the opportunity to have a child whether using their own eggs and sperm, through donation or surrogacy. Making parenthood possible, giving hope to those who otherwise may not be able to reach their dream of parenthood.

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Alles oor ovulasie

What is Ovulation? Ovulation is the time in your cycle when one of your ovaries releases an egg. If it is met with sperm, it

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